the depot_ is no ordinary space. It’s not for everyone.



Back in August 2020, during the height of the pandemic, we took a bold step to launch the depot_ our very own creative hubs located in Old Street and Shoreditch. 

We had a vision of a space that fuses creativity. A place to inspire and be inspired. Where work and social life form communities. 

By design, or possibly by chance, it would seem we’ve captured the zeitgeist and all the chatter about the ‘third place’…so what exactly is the ‘third place’?

Well, it can be something extraordinary or just plain ordinary, like a local park, a corner cafe, or even an airport lounge – if we ever get to see one of those again! It’s a space that’s neither home nor office. A neutral ground. Somewhere you can easily get to, relax, meet friends and other acquaintances.

We pushed for the extraordinary. 

The result is a fully functioning art gallery with an exciting programme of artists exhibitions, a space to practice yoga, hold a brainstorm, or simply somewhere you can grab your daily coffee fix. It’s even somewhere you can try your hand at ‘Neon Naked’ life drawing – an immersive life drawing experience creating a colourful twist on a traditional idea.

We’ve created a space to hang out, socialise, cultivate new ideas and experiences with like-minded people. A home from home. And it’s a space made accessible for everyone with a low-cost barrier to entry, so low that (when writing this article) it’s free to use. 

And it got us thinking, what if we could create a similar offering as an integral part of our new developments, where there’s a need for a creative hub within the community? Watch this space.

the depot_ is no ordinary space. It’s not for everyone. But, with the easing of lockdown restrictions, it’s starting to draw in ‘regulars’. So why not give it a try? You never know it might become your new local.